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Monday, November 5, 2012

I had two great things happen this week or maybe last. The first was getting an email from Amazon saying since you like history, here are some books you may like: Recovering from the War,  Chickenhawk, and two others. 
I about fell over.
They have mentioned Bob's Chickenhawk before, after all it is the bestselling Vietnam memoir and the best selling helicopter book ever, but they have never mentioned my book before, so I hope this is an email to a lot of customers because I know the book is helpful to vets and their families and friends.
The other thing was that I got an email from the wife of a current vet who is in the hospital. Her 5 year old was upset and acting out, so she took him to a counselor who gave her Why Is Daddy Like He Is? The kid LOVES it and apparently it has made a big difference. I cried, I was so happy. Click on the title to go to my website where you can download a free copy of the book. There is also a kids book for the children of women veterans.