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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

I just looked myself up on Amazon and saw that some new copies of the Patience Press version of Recovering from the War: A Guide for all Veterans, Family Members, Friends and Therapists in paperback are $33.95 and to $90+.
Only a few of the vendors have it at the cover price of $24.95.
This is bullshit. The list price is $24.95 which you can get through any bookstore, so the people who are selling expensive new copies on Amazon are doing you a disservice, and me too.
You can get it through a bookstore, or ABE books, or at cover price and should not have to pay more. The Viking Penguin version, the one with the helmet full of flowers is very expensive new online because it is no longer published, but the Patience Press version, which is exactly the same except for the subtitle, should not be more than $24.95.
You can also get a kindle for 4.49 and used copies starting at $1.29.
I'd much rather you get it used and get the help it contains, than wait to afford an overpriced paperback sold by some crook on Amazon.

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