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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Radio Talk

I just spent an hour on the Donnie Moses Show on WBOB AM 600 in Jacksonville, FL, with Bill Carter, talking about PTSD. Within a week the podcast should be available at scroll down to Donnie Moses show and click on today's date, 4/21/12. It looks like they only keep them online for a couple of months. You can either listen or download. Download if you want to keep it. That's what I plan to do and hope to put it on my website.
One guy called in to help us with PTSD by saying it was caused by chemical exposures and if we just read his book and went to these special doctors (because the VA doesn't treat it) we would all be fine. I tried to be polite, but I told him that PTSD is caused by traumatic events and in soldiers it is caused by hundreds if not thousands of traumatic events. Then Bill, who was a helicopter pilot in the 1st of the 9th Cav, a unit that went looking for bad guys all the time, told him an abrupt goodbye. The rest of the broadcast was about PTSD and I got to say most of what I think is important, that it is normal to be affected by what you live through, that the symptoms of PTSD start out as survival skills built into the "reptile brain" which doesn't speak English or tell time, so that part of you does not know it is over, and that avoidance perpetuates it, which is why writing and talking about it help you heal. I also talked a bit about triggers in the family and how we can misunderstand and personalize things which leads to a lot of fighting and disharmony.
I thought it went well.

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