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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I just had a funny conversation with a VA secretary from a hospital out west.
She wanted to order my pamphlets After the War and The War at Home.
She was actually on my website and didn't notice that I was giving away the all the pamphlets and kids books I used to sell.
I led her to the PTSD Help links for the Gazettes, for Kids, for Spouses, for Twelve Steps, and the Essays, which has Home from War  for the new veterans, several popular essays from the Gazettes, plus Returning from Vietnam by William Crapser and Approaching Trauma Survivors from a Spiritual Perspective by Caterina Spinaris and even A Short History of PTSD by me.
It made me wonder if the site is not clear enough for people to use.
Please let me know what you think.


  1. I just looked at your website and think it is very clear.

    Thanks for your help over the years.

  2. I agree, I've read your website for a few months now, and it's very clear and I wanted to leave a message to say applaud you for hearing your thoughts with your audience. They definitely make a difference, so thank you.

  3. I didn't have any problems on your Patience Press website, but when I went to download the PDF files, I had to open them in a different window to save them....Right click, the drop down menu in your browser will display a few options, pick "open in new window" and there you the PDF where ever you want....