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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I got an email the other day which was just the subject line: 
Subject: Thank you so much for your blog and PDF files. That was the whole message.
So I wrote back, "You're welcome." 

I got this reply, which I post with permission:
"I have PTSD and this is my first major holiday in 45 years that I have determined to Not go through it like I normally do, with denial and hiding in my basement....I was having a real hard time today and typed into Google, "Pain and PTSD and Holidays" and you were the first on the list of links. I spent an hour with your Files and Blog and then was able to continue my therapy with a renewed sense of purpose and energy....The PDF files are wonderful and I am able to now access them without having to be on line....
Again, Thank you so much, M"
Needless to say, this made my day. The link is below.
PTSD and Holidays is in Gazette #16. It is also the second essay down on the page
 It really means a lot to me to  that my stuff is helpful enough for someone to actually write and tell me so. When the first version of this essay came out, one VA therapist wrote me that her WWII combat vets had had their first good Christmas since the war! Hope my readers find it helpful too.

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