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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cleveland Plain Dealer articles

Series of good articles in the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Family issues with PTSD. I tried to get them to include my resources, but they didn't, so I left this comment:
More resources at I am the wife of a Vietnam vet and have written a lot of stuff from a non-professional perspective for other wives. There are pages of free pamphlets, articles, Post-Traumatic Gazettes, and some books for kids, all of which you can download, print, pass along. I suggest if you want your spouse to read something, print it and put it in the bathroom. PTSD people hate being given things to read that are supposed to help them... like all of us!
I also wrote a book, Recovering from the War, which is on Amazon and also a kindle.
If you are struggling, despairing and fed up, so was I. I share what worked for me (50 yrs next Dec.) and suggest a lot of things that have helped others, because you are different than me. 
If you are dealing with a lot of anger, I suggest Post-Traumatic Gazettes #10 and 22 and my blog post, Irritability and Outbursts of Anger and the pamphlet on the spouse page, The War at Home. Things can get better. They have for me!

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  1. Here is an interesting site created by master's students at NYU studying the importance of and interaction between mental and physical health:
    There are at least two articles on PTSD, but a range of other mental and physical health topics are covered as well. Mental health is just as important as physical health, so it's time we erase the stigma and get the help we need to feel better!