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Monday, January 8, 2007

VA Gilgamesh Cartoon Insults VA Doctors

I actually need to say that the cartoon version of the Gilgamesh story is aimed at VA doctors, and if I were them I would be insulted. Most of the doctors and nurses I have met at the VA in recent years have been polite, concerned and helpful, nothing like the cartoon of Doctor U. or the way it was for Vietnam Vets in the 60's and 70's.
What angers me is that someone was paid to make this insulting information-free, misinformed (the paralysis before combat...what is that? Are they trying to mention conversion reactions when someone in the field for the duration would become paralyzed??? or blind??? in both World Wars???). And Gilgamesh is dirty and unshaven which proves he has PTSD??? NOT! Most people with PTSD are working a job and killing themselves to look FINE... (although I know at some VA compensation exams if you don't show up dirty and unshaved, you will be denied, that is the compensations system, not the treatment people).
How much did it cost?
Who approved it?
Who made it?
Let them all lose their jobs, and use the money for information which will actually help the doctors do a better job, or inform the patients about PTSD. This cartoon does neither.

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  1. Hello Patience, the Article you wrote about your Husband and PTSD IS RIGHT ON THE MONEY!

    I am a Vietnam Vet 71-72 was on the GunTruck KingCobra in Nam, 597thTrans. When you wrote that you got to dress up looking like a bum, unclean, scruffy beard,and dirty, even my Veterans Service Officer told me to look and dress that way. Everything you wrote is all truth, just figured I would drop a line telling you I got my 100% Permanent and Total Disability, pretty sad when you have to play the part, but you are truthful and down to earth Honest in what you say. It is pretty sad when the VA have people who still will not listen to you if you don't look like a depressed Veteran. If you go in wearing a suit there is nothing wrong with you. It is a disgrace to have people working at the VA that will approve or disapprove you just because of how you look and act.