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Monday, January 8, 2007

A waste of money
This is probably the stupidest waste of VA money I have seen in a long time. If you take the time to watch it, you will be amazed by the self-centered, self-absorbed doctor, the incredibly stupid jokes, the lame attempts to be reassuring, the absolute lack of empathy. I mean it is pathetic.
Actually it may also be accurate. There's a frightening thought.
I followed some of the links at the end.
The scariest was on
"Intensive, three-week, multi-disciplinary treatment program for patients with deployment-related stress, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and/or difficulties adjusting to re-deployment" [my italics] So they are sending people with PTSD BACK, which is completely unethical. It is well known from Israeli studies that combat vets with PTSD in one war or deployment get it worse in the next one.
Another frightening line towards the bottom of the description of what sounds like it might be a worthwhile program if it weren't used to send people with PTSD back, is "The individual's command must approve program attendance." So the numb ("It didn't affect me") or clueless (no combat experience) CO has to approve a medical decision, instead of the medical staff. Do CO's approve all other medical decisions? Are CO's the new insurance company representatives in the military structure?
Anyone who has studied the Vietnam War, or any other war, as I have, knows there are always officers who will sacrifice their own men so they look good. They should not be in the position to do this to men and women with PTSD.


  1. I just found your blog...I'm amazed at so many things that the VA and various Naval Hospitals do.

    Am involved with a retired Marine, 2 tours in Iraq...his shrinks at the Naval Hospital on Camp Pendleton KNOW he is an alcholic (something I JUST found out..ouch) and they have him on 2 anti-depressant meds and 1 anti-psychotic med...and he is a DRUNK...

    Talk about assisted suicide...

  2. Hi Barbra
    I think it's appauling the VA is invalidating (and contributing to) his suffering with drugs. And , making things worse by dispensing antipsychotics, which causes symptoms of mental illness, and long term side effects that can even kill you. If you'd like, please join other loved ones of veterans with ptsd in the aftermath of war:

    It won't let me post a link. You can find us by going to Patience's web site, or doing a search for aftermath of war coping with ptsd too.

    You're not alone sissy.Love you

  3. Just to let you know apparently the VA didn't like it either because they removed the page.

  4. My husband is a vietnam vet. He started going to Loma Linda VA several years ago. As far as I am concerned they have turned him into a drug addict. I don't know him anymore. It was better when he would get mad sometimes than the way he is now which is in lala land, not having real emotions. He obsesses about war, war movies, war stories, every conversation has to end up with him slurring his words talking about himself and some horrific thing that happened over there. I know it it important to talk and get it out but he has become over the top with it to the point nothing matters but the va and his obsession with it and medical tests. He hides his meds and says he doesn't take anything but drops them around the house. Shouldn't you let your spouse know what you are on so they understand the change in personality? The thing is he has always been able to hide his abuse to me from everyone and I have kept quiet protecting him for 32 years. By the things he now says it sounds as though he has convinced himself he has been perfect and there has never been abuse. I am not allowed to have friends or a life outside of church or he will not stay. I am not afraid anymore I think I just don't care. I feel like giving up on everything myself and even question my own sanity as he has been so good at manipulating everything. I went to a group meeting at the VA for wives once and thought there would be some help but all they wanted was to pick our brains for their research. They didn't care at all about us inspite of how obvious some of the womens suffering was.I think by things he has said he may be intentionally trying to push me over the edge as he is the type that will do anything to look good to the people on the outside. Is this common?

  5. Unfortunately any stories he tells while drugged to the gills (or drunk) have absoluteley no healing effect. I am not surprised to hear that the VA is over drugging people. Most people would rather take pills than feel bad, especially in our society where it is practically illegal!
    I think your husband's desire to never be wrong or have done anything wrong, leading to his denial about abusing you, is very understandable. That is from the perspective of never thinking I was wrong for the first 25 years of our marriage. How likely was that?
    He probably can't see it because it might literally kill him to see he did wrong, which suggests something horrific which he feels guilty about, and they all do, even when they did something normal, or the choices were all bad, or something happened when they were not there to protect their buddies.
    I know you are hurting, but you can't change him. You can change yourself and your reactions, including giving in to his dictates. Love Without Hurt, by Steven Stosny, is a book that will help you find your own worth. Read it and practice his suggestions for a while and things will change. He may be able to use it too. I would not give it to him. I'd leave it in the bathroom... That is also what I suggest with all the free articles you can print on my website,
    Another thing that can help with living with an active drug-addict, even though they are prescribed drugs is going to Alanon.

  6. I appreciate your comments about veterans on this website. I am an Afghanistan War veteran. I started a simliar blog called "The Veterans Guide."

    You can visit it here and perhaps guest post on it from time to time.

    Veteran's Guide to PTSD and Benefits