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Monday, November 15, 2010


I just found out I have been listed in this website as one of the top fifty bloggers on PTSD!
It says my website is good for seniors, and I wish it didn't because I am also trying to communicate with the new vets and their wives and get them to my website where they can get a different perspective on PTSD as survival skills that later become your biggest problem.
In case you just found this blog, I have written a book too, Recovering from the War, which was a Viking/Penguin in 1990. After it went out I print, I became a publisher and publish it as Patience Press, along with two children's books (Why is Daddy Like He Is? ditto for Mommy) and three patient education pamphlets, After the War: For the Wives of all Veterans, An Explanation of PTSD for Twelve Steppers: When I Get Sober I Feel Crazy, and The War at Home. There are also 13 free articles at Patience Press which I want all vets and other trauma survivors to have.
However, to say I am pleased at being included is an understatement. Writing is a lonely occupation and I have no idea if I am being read or not, so this is quite happifying! (Hey, I'm an English major. I get to make up words!)