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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Here is a prayer I wrote which was recently used in a book, Resilience by Dennis Charney, MD and Steven Southwick MD:

Prayer for People with PTSD
Higher Power, I know that it’s not within the harmony of the universe that I be healed from the trauma of remembering ____________________________ without pain.
Help me through the pain.
Surround me with the golden light of healing, fill me with the white light of peace and love.
Help me to bear the pain as I go through these memories. Help me to c
Help me to remember.
Help me to love myself no matter what happened to me or what I did to survive.
Help me to release and to let go of my survival skills, the things such as anger and numbness that helped keep me alive, as I become aware of how ineffective they can be in getting me what I want today.
Fill me with light and love until I am green and growing again in the harmony of the universe, if it be thy will.

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