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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More helpful places.

I have recently found a couple of new websites:  has a link to a group on yuku that has many wives sharing experience strength and hope. (Families and Soldiers Together)
A lot of people are struggling to find ways to help.

There was also a well written post:
Top 10 things  not to say to someone with PTSD
1.There's nothing wrong with you. It's all in your head.
2. Just stop dwelling on it and pull yourself together.
3. I understand. It is like when I ...
4.  How many people did you kill or People die. It's life.
5. At least you came home.
6. Are you okay? Have you taken your meds?
7. You volunteered for it.
8. You're not gonna flip out and kill someone are you?
9. At least you didn't lose your arms and legs.
10. PTSD isn't real.

It was originally from but I can't find it there.
They also posted this
1. we will also put number 2 here. PTSD is not something you can just get over or will away.
3. You don't! You can't possibly relate any experience you have had to what they saw in war.
4. You don't have to kill people to have PTSD.

5. Yes they came home, but many have survivor's guilt for coming home when their brothers didn't.
6. I am human. I have bad days too.
7. Yes we volunteered for it. We did it so you and others didn't have to and protect your freedoms.
8. We are not monsters. You can thank the media for painting us that way.
9. Not all wounds are visible. PTSD is a injury too.
10. PTSD is very real, there are physical changes in the brain.

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